Friday Movie Night

Whilst I have never been a movie buff – only a Bollywood fan, P is a certified cinephile who religiously watches all of the top 100 Imdbs as an annual ritual. And ever since we have been together, I have been compelled to watch movies – of all genres and languages (marriage – thy name is compromise!) every Friday night (so remarkably good and some that have been blocked from my memory forever).

We watched hunt for the winderpeople yesterday which is an endearing story about a kid and his foster father’s adventures in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand as they are being hunted down by child services and the army. The film is a comical dynamite with dry wit, humour, cutesy gangsta”ness”, affection, action all rolled in to one big mush ball.


 I didn’t choose the Skuxx life, the Skuxx life chose me

So grab some pop corns, roll in to the bed and switch on your tele – coz this gem is on Netflix – sigh! how did we ever live without on demand tv (*dives in to nostalgia*).


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